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Knowing when it's time...

Knowing when it's time...

Seniors and their families frequently ask how they can know if it’s time to make the move to assisted/supportive living. Making the decision can be difficult. Moving from a home you have spent a lifetime in building memories can be a painful transition and many family members struggle with guilt at moving mom or dad even though they know it is the best decision for them. Here at Hancock Village we understand and we’re here to help support you as you make decisions for your future.  Click here to read more about the differences between living at home and senior living.

How do we know it’s time?

Making that decision to no longer live independently at home is, without doubt, one of the most difficult decision facing seniors and their families.  Here are some things for you to consider as you make this decision….

  • Have accidents occurred with appliances in the home such as forgetting to turn them off or struggling with using them?
  • In the event of a fire, do you feel your loved one would follow appropriate measures such as leaving the premises and calling 911?
  • Has your loved one become progressively dependent on others to help with activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, remembering to take medications, etc?
  • Have they become suspicious of others, taking medications or eating certain foods?
  • Is your loved one taking medications on schedule, following correct dosages, and willing to use an organizer/reminder if needed?
  • Has your loved one gotten lost or unable to remember personal information such as address, phone number or contacts that enable them to get home? Have they gotten lost while on a walk or running errands?
  • As the caregiver, is your health at risk, are you missing a lot of work, or are unable to manage all of your responsibilities?
  • Is the amount of home care assistance needed likely to become so great that it is not an affordable option for your family?
  • Does your loved one spend most days at home without the benefits of social interactions in the community or with friends?
  • Does your loved one appear to become confused or disoriented in social situations that are loud or overly stimulating?
  • Do you find yourself spending most nights and/or evenings with your loved one in order to support them staying in their home while struggling to stay on top of the needs of your spouse and children?
  • Do you believe your loved one would benefit from greater nursing oversight along with daily opportunities to improve cognition and motor skills?

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